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Ranson Middle School Raspberry Pi & Scratch project.

Raspberry Pi Session 7 at Ranson Middle School

Session 7 is the last session for Raspberry Pi initiative. We would like to thank parents for having the time to come attend to this session. It has been a wonderful session. This blog will continue to grow over time to learn something new about Raspberry Pi and other such as applications to use. It was a great opportunity for students take Raspberry Pi home to learn more themselves and share with parents on what it can do.


Don’t forget to keep checking blog for updates! Drop a comment if you have any questions.


Raspberry Pi Session 6 at Ranson Middle School

Session 6 has been a great experience for parents and students to engage together to learn the power of Raspberry Pi. Parents were very interested in wanting to learn more as they asked questions in comparisons to what they learned in  their lifetime. Students has been filled with excitement as they learn something new as their experience with Raspberry Pi as they have been using it for 5 previous session and wanted to learn the potential of it. There will be more information relating to Raspberry Pi in upcoming future. We look forward to session 7!


Raspberry Pi Initiative Session 5 at Ranson Middle School

Session 5 has been a great success as students started to code themselves without help as guides were passed out. They have done first and second part of coding very well and doing third part to themselves. Students have been encouraged to complete their project either at home or after school. Their projects will be posted online for them to download and keep working on it. Also, guide will be provided online as well. Students have been informed that they will be learning the full potential  of Raspberry Pi for them to take him in session 7.

Raspberry Pi Initiative Session 3 at Ranson Middle School

Session three knocked out of the way! The overview was to start learning how to use paint editor in Scratch and start coding to put together a interactive game. Students were excited to learn this process and they have been very engaging with Charlotte’s Web students as they had their hands on Raspberry Pi. We have managed to break down into groups more and more will be broken down with more Raspberry Pi for session 4. They are very excited for next session. To be continued!…

Raspberry Pi Initiative Session 2 at Ranson Middle School

Session two down in the bag! In session 2, “Basic operations of Scratch,” students learned how to utilize Scratch using Raspberry Pi. As demonstrated from session 1 of a go kart game were used to teach as an example of how to implement coding block. The students were engaged in asking question to understand the program. Students are excited to learn more about Scratch together and create their own interactive game. At the end of session, they quickly asked questions if they can obtain more information in which website link were provided. Next session will consist more coverage on basics of scratch and hands on engagement to start creating game.


Kickoff session 1 at Ranson Middle School

During session 1 “Introduction to Raspberry Pi” we discussed with the students the possibilities of what can be done with Scratch utilizing the Raspberry Pi. The students were amazed at how you can build a race car game. In our discussions we explained how the Raspberry Pi has similarities to a computer. The Raspberry Pi has the same capacity as a cell phone and you can even load Android to Pi. These initial discussions has set the stage for the next session which will cover the basics of Scratch.