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It has been a very busy community engagement for the past three weeks. Charlotte’s Web has formed a partnership with Men Who Care Global in creating a community parents engagement group that allows to help parents be more informed of what is happening inside school and around their child. The Parents Liaison Group aims to assist parents and student in what they need based on their environment and encourage them to be more involved. We are pleased that we have participated in two homecomings as we fed hungry students and parents. Special thanks to who participated in assisting us.

Dream Machines

I have failed to mention in the first place as I talked about building computer in this blog, Why building PC is better than buying PC from electronic store... There is a section that talks about building computer, it includes building tips, dream machines, and etc. They are very useful articles as it helps you understand on what it takes to build a good computer. MaximumPC: Build a PC is the website as I mentioned in other blog of which website to check out relating to technology. Check it out!

Fun projects to learn!

Raspberry pi, which is a small computer that can perform basic function as what you can do with today’s Desktop PC. You can find more information on this this link, Raspberry Pi. Python is a programming language that is supposedly fun and easy to learn. You can also find all the information to this website, Python. Our goal is to combine Raspberry Pi with lego to make a robot out of it and use Python as our source of programming to make a move and create a fun environment to learn and build.

Unlimited possibilities to unleash computing power

I have stumbled across reading technology news websites and saw that massively boggled my mind. I could not believe to come to reality that there are unlimited possibilities to unleashing computing power. I could not imagine what it takes to set up a time-consuming, heavily modified computer case. No clue on what I am talking about? Computer case is all what you need to cover the parts  so nothing will harm to it physically such as water or dropping objects on it. Computer case is simply a protection itself, but one person have taken the meaning of computer case to the whole next level. I encountered a remarking discovery through this website. Maximum PC: PC Desk. After seeing this article had peaked my curiosity and research different types of cases. I have found this forum that have shown their progress of amazing build of heavy modification computer case. Not only how unique the shape and design but what’s under the hood! It is more than a gaming system itself! It is practically a dream machine to have at your house. Check out this person who dedicated his time to build his dream machine called L3p D3sk Case Mod.


This shows that only limitation to unleashing computer power is your mind. Think creatively!